FISM 2012 Blackpool

World Chimpionships of Magic

Opening Ceremony – Featuring Robbie Williams, George Michaels, Freddie Mercury and Kylie Minogue (impersonators from ‘The Legendz Show’) and introduced by Queen Elizabeth herself! (Courtesy Louis Tussauds Waxworks, Blackpool Pier)

Opening Gala Show – ‘The Best of British’ starring Englebert Humperdinck, The Nolans, and The Original Bucks Fizz!

Workshop – ‘Fifty gags with a Feather Duster’ by Ken Dodd

Lecture – ‘Blackpool is not a Country’

An Hour With Rocco – (Continuation of last FISM’s show)  ( 2 pm to 10 pm )

VIP & FISM Delegates Welcome Drink Party – Derek Lever’s Room, Hill Ton Hotel. (Two drink minimum, happy hour from 4-5pm, no singles)


Stage Competition* – The Spanish Hall

Lecture – ‘Why Peter Marvey is better than David Copperfield’ by Peter Marvey

Workshop – ‘What can you do with a broken change bag?’ (Extra cost event)

Close Up Competition – The Empress Ballroom (Acts repeat 12 times)

Gala Show – Hosted by Ruby Cody, with Hands Clock, Cyril Takamakaknacker, Greg Frewenfrew, Lee’n’Ghoul, Suss Stevens, and Geoff McBribe

Close Up Gala Show – Leonard Green, Boris Mild, Ricky & son Joshua Jay, Henry Heavens, and Ah! Paul Wilson!  

Magic Salon – Enjoy traditional British snacks including Black Pudding, Spotted Dick, Tripe in Gravy, Yorkshire Pudding with clotted cream, and Curry Masala while being entertained by One Tamariz. That’s all we’ve got... just the one. Sorry. But he’ll get around to everyone eventually.


Stage Competition – Grand Theatre Foyer

Special Ladies Event – ‘More effective ways to get stains out of tuxedos’
Pre-Booking Essential

Lecture – ‘Banachek’ – My life as a TV cop

Lecture – ‘Life with Dave’ by Rocky Raccoon

Lecture - 'My Life As a Magic Celebrity' by Derek Lever
VIP Platinum Gold Star Registrants Only - 50 GBP Autographed Photo included )

Rehearsal of Close Up and Stage Competition Grand Prix Finalists – broadcast live

Close Up Competition – Tower Circus Arena (Acts repeat 12 times)

Gala Show – Hosted by Harry Handerson, Michael Funny, Sylvester the Pester, Jerry Happyowitz, and Patrick Page

Gala Dinner – A scrummy nosh-up of fish’n’chips, mushy peas, and bangers and mash. (no doggy bags allowed)



Stage Competition – Blackpoo Hill Ton Function Room

Lecture – ‘Ladies Magic: How to hold a spring flower for maximum effect’

Lecture – ‘The history of Comedy Wonky Wands’

Workshop – ‘How much can I sell that for?’ by Michael Amway & Darly

Close Up Competition – Blackpoo Airport, main runway (Acts repeat 17 times)

Gala Show – Derek Lever hosts a traditional British Music Hall singalong night (Extra cost event)

Gala Dinner – Paul Daniels Tea Party (complete with chimps)

Late Night Bonus Event – ‘The Lovely Ladies of Magic’ – Maria Snake Babe, Magic Babe Ning, Scarlett, Fay Presto, and The Showgirls of Magic – (The Centrefolds Club)



Stage Competition – Viking Hotel, Room 209 (Extra cost event)

Special Ladies Event – ‘How to get your man’s milk pitcher really clean’ (Extra cost event)

Lecture – ‘How Shawn Farquhar stole my act after Sting wrote music especially for me’ by Suss Stevens (Extra cost event)

Lecture – ‘Forget Russ Stevens – I invented it in the 1920’s’ by Harry Lorrayne ( VIP Platinum Gold Star Registrants Only )

Workshop – ‘Effective methods for Mentalism’ with Larry, Curly and Moe ( special guest - Juan Ordeix )

FISM Meeting – VIPs and Super Deluxe Titanium Gold Pass Holders Only (Extra cost event)

Late Night Comedy Gala Show – Hosted by David William’s son with Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown, Jeff ‘Boner’ Hobson, Mac ‘Stiffy’ King, and The Amazing ‘ly big’ Jonathan

Close Up Gala Show – (Performers will visit each registrant in the comfort of their own hotel room)

Jury Meeting – British currency only, non-sequential bills, please mark clearly with act name AND number!


Jeff McBribe Masterclass – ‘Unleash the franchise within you’ – Drumming, chanting, nature worship and multi-level marketing (Really extra, extra cost EVENT!)

Lecture – ‘Electricity is your Friend’ by Sue-Anne Webster

Close Up Gala Show – ‘The Clicking Fingers’ – Senior members of the Blackpool Magicians Club and Arthritis Foundation

Magic Bingo – Hosted by Mark Wilson

Special Ladies Event – ‘How to put your fold silk handkerchieves’ by Ursula Martinez

Close Up Competition Final & Stage Competition Final – Note: Due to new FISM guidelines introduced to cater for the TV rights being sold to Simon Cowell, the final competition will give each act a maximum of 150 seconds during which, if they get three Xs they will be asked to leave. Simon Lovell will play Simon Cowell, Charlotte Pendragon will play Sharon Osbourne, and Hans Klok will play David Hassellhoff.

Prizes and Closing Gala – (4 minutes)

Speech by the Mayor of Blackpoo explaining exactly what we did for the last 6 days as listed in the program – (55 minutes)

An Hour with Rocco – (Concludes)


 SPECIAL EVENT – During the entire Blackpoo FISM David Blaine will be attempting his most dangerous endurance stunt ever by attempting to stay inside his B&B Hotel Room for the
entire six days.


*To avoid controversy, professional Judges will be hired:
Blackpool Jury

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